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FS: Line 6 L3T and L3S PA Speaksers - Best E-drum Speaker Ever!!!

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  • FS: Line 6 L3T and L3S PA Speaksers - Best E-drum Speaker Ever!!!

    L3T $600 + $100 to ship anywhere in continental US
    L3S $700 + $100 to ship anywhere in continental US
    Combined = $1150 + $150 to ship anywhere in the continental US

    I am selling my beloved L3T top cab and an L3S sub. This is the best setup for professionally reproducing E-Drums Live that I have ever heard. The L3T is a 1400 watt tri-amped speaker with 2 10" drivers and a 1" horn. The L3S is a 1200 watt bi-amped sub with two 12" drivers. They sound amazingly clean with ridiculous amounts of headroom. The beauty of the system is in its expandability and versatility. Check out the links below for a breakdown of all the smart sensing technology and DSP modes. The speakers all talk to each other and even recognize what orientation they are in or if they are being used as a floor monitor. The L3T sounds great by itself reproducing E-drums and is quite portable. I wouldn't hesitate to take it to a rehearsal or maybe a jazz gig by itself. However, the combination with the L3S is jaw dropping. The L3S is about the same size as a QSC K-sub, but sounds much better to my ears. I also prefer the large bottom mounted rubber wheels and beefy handles (as opposed to casters mounted on the back) for portability. You won't believe how clean and detailed everything is. Vocals sound fantastic run straight into the L3T using the onboard eq and reverb. The feedback suppression is worth its weight in gold. I have run everyone in the band into this with a small mixer and used it as our only sound source with great results in small and medium rooms. My son has used the L3t as a guitar cabinet at gigs with great results. In the electric guitar setting it adds DSP to simulate a guitar cab with 2 12s. He was very skeptical, but he had fried a tube right before gig time. I brought in the L3T, and everyone thought it sounded fantastic as a guitar cab. It also works great by itself to DJ parties with. If you add a second L3T, you could easily use it as a full PA for very large rooms without adding a second sub. Everything about this stuff wreaks of quality- Birch cabinets, metal grills, thick rubber on all corners, beefy strong handles and robust kick stands for angle mounting. I'm including a small pole mount for stacking. You will love it!!

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