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FS: (US) Madcatz (Rockband 3) DIY 10" Cymbals x3

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  • FS: (US) Madcatz (Rockband 3) DIY 10" Cymbals x3

    It's long since time to sell these. You can read about the process in the digitalDrummer Mag, Aug 2013 issue, or see what I did (and others) here:


    I'll sell them as a group (all three) for $80 plus shipping (I'll get you an actual shipping quote before we finalize the deal) or $30 each, same deal on shipping. If you purchase all three, I'll throw in all the Rockband "hardware". It's plastic and you might not need it but it works pretty well if attached via a real clamp and not the plastic gizmo that comes with the set.

    Update: 1 SOLD. Price still $30 each for shipping but will sell the two left for $50 plus actual shipping.

    Update: 2 SOLD. Price for the last one still $30 plus shipping.

    Update: ALL THREE SOLD (via ebay). If I could figure out how to cancel this posting, I would.

    These are excellent alternatives to Kit Toy cymbals.

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