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Sell or Trade: PD-105

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  • Sell or Trade: PD-105

    I just started drumming and picked up a Rocker version of the TD-9. It's the KX2 but has 3 PD-105s, and 2 PD-125s. It's too much for me as a beginner, and honestly the TD-9s rack feels way too cramped with this many large toms on it. I've decided to drop down to 3 toms (2 PD-105s and 1 PD-125 floor tom) to give myself some breathing room. Instead of the extra tom, to keep my inputs maxed out, I'm going to go with another CY-12C, for a total of 3 of them and a CY-13R. Seems like the better way to go for me right now.

    I have 1 PD-105 to sell or trade. I will take detailed pictures shortly, you can pick from any one of the 3 you want, they are all in basically brand new condition. I've only put maybe 5 hrs into the kit so far... bought it from a Police officer who had at least 7 different full kits in his basement he played around on, I don't think he used this at all since he bought it. Everything is completely clean.

    Asking $180 shipped, can/will include bracket if wanted. I'd also trade for a CY-12C and a cymbal arm!
    Roland TD-9KX2 w/ Pearl 902s.