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WTB Gen 16 AE Rack Multi-Clamp

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  • WTB Gen 16 AE Rack Multi-Clamp

    I'm looking for 4 clamps for the Gen 16 rack. I'm pretty sure it's the multi-clamp, to mount cymbal arms. I'm in Australia, but anyone who's happy to send to Australia, I'm happy to pay postage. I don't care if these are new or used, as long as they're in good condition, I just haven't been able to get any from anywhere, Zildjian haven't replied to my email trying to find someone here who stocks them, or to the US based music store I ordered the rack from who have asked them for the extra clamps. I have the rack ordered and I need an extra 4 clamps or I can't use it.
    Roland TD-15KV module and cymbals, Gen 16 AE rack, Gen 16 AE cymbals, Diamond Electronic Drums, Tama HP300 single pedal, Lectric Moo, Carmichael throne

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    Are you still looking for these clamps? I might have two.