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WTB: CLEAR Roland 1/4" Cables - 3-4 Of Them - PLEASE! =)

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  • WTB: CLEAR Roland 1/4" Cables - 3-4 Of Them - PLEASE! =)

    Hey guys. Yes even I can put out WTB ads, haha.

    I just got a new Roland TD20SX, but I really want all my cables to match. I'm running 3 additional cymbals so am using black cables currently. I hate using the 1/4" female aux inputs so want to rewire the rack but use all clear cables. Length isn't a huge deal as I can rewire it to fit whatever. But I'd say 3-5 feet would be ideal.

    So I need at least 3 of them. I'll take extras though if anyone has any.

    Not looking to spend crazy amounts of money on these. I'll trade out my black ones and give a little extra to cover the difference, or I'd gladly buy them outright. I can't find them anywhere direct from Roland, so if someone could help out on that too that'd be awesome, but I figure they'll be way overpriced from them.

    Call me at 518-378-3377, text me, email me at: [email protected] or just PM me.

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    rasoo (Rob), I think it was, made some out of clear USB cables.
    You're gonna be very lucky to find anyRiland ones, as AFAIK, they only come on MDS-25 racks and with the silver cymbal series, so there aren't heaps around.
    As long as you're building such an awesomekit, Adam, why not just contact Roland and bite the bullet?


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      Yeah I'll call Roland and see how much they want for them, not looking forward to the response, ha.
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        Yeah that ain't gonna happen. 4-6 week backorder, and $17 for EACH cable, no matter what the length, holy crap that's expensive. I was figuring $10 each or so. The black ones new online are $7 a piece, wonder why so much for clear?

        Anyone else can you help me out?

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          Well, kind of relative to the rack. The dang rack is $850, well bove any similr product out there. So, I guess it figures that the cables that go with it will be overpriced as well.
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            Roland Overpriced??? Come on, Nahhhhhhhh

            Adam, I do know that there are folks out there that make custom length cables. Scout around the net a bit and I bet you will find them and in a custom size for much cheaper. Good Luck. Tom
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              Ha! I called Roland last week to see about getting some cable for those cymbals heading my way and got the same 6-week back order story and $ 16 price range.

              A couple of weeks ago I was looking for custom instrument cables and most are fairly thick in comparision to the smaller guage cables on the V-drums. I never really found a source for the just the wire, but it has to be fairly common... heck I've got a USB cable that has an identical look and size to the Roland save the connection.

              DiMarzio: Click on the "Metallic Instrument Cable" from the list (this is 20-AWG)

              Core One, they have some DIY kits. Not sure if they have the smaller guage wire available. On the plus side, I'm not too far from these guys!

              Death Valley Cable Co. I like this company, and probably would have spent my money there if the my little rack mod forced me into buying a bunch of new cables.

              I never contacted any of these companies to see if they could fix me up with a suitable substitute...
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                Eh I want EVERY one of them to match, so it's either replacing all of them, or buying 4 Roland ones. Screw it, I'll just order them from Roland if I can't get any individual ones by the end of the week. The other cables on the other sites were almost double the cost of 1 cable anyways so I guess in the scheme of things, $16 isn't really bad, hah. And I don't wanna DIY anything, I feel way more comfortable having an acutal legit Roland one.
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                  I didn't think $16 is too bad either to be honest.

                  I wasn't even aware they were available. Good to know.
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                    This is true. I was just comparing them to the black Roland cables that are $7-10 each brand new and readily available. But after comparing to other brands and such, it's really not that bad. So I'll order 4 up tomorrow.

                    Also, it doesn't matter what size you get either, they're all the same pricing. Too bad I'm not good at DIYing stuff, I'd just get like 3 10' cables and make a crapload, haha.
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