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WTB First E-kit

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  • WTB First E-kit

    I have been playing drums for a couple of years but have been on hiatus for the last 4 months because i moved into an apartment. i would like a cheap, velocity sensitive unit. i only really need three toms, a snare, a kick, hi hat and two cymbals. the module is not anything i have a preferance on but i like some DM5 sounds. if anyone has anything, or any ideas, or if you think it would be cheaper to diy please share. thank you all very much

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    Well, you have been here a while, so you probably know the score. DIY is the cheapest way to get to a mesh head kit, but I'm pretty sure the DM5 is not the best choice for mesh head drums. I think it only supports single-zone pads as well, and only two hi-hat positions. Single-zone pads are pretty easy to make (plywood, rubber, and a piezo disc), so DIY is the cheapest way to go if you have a workshop, tools, and basic skills.

    The TD3 is a popular starting module with some expansion capabilities, so I would recommend that (or possibly a Yamaha kit) as a starting point.

    Studying the DIY section and searching for "apartment", "neighbors", "soundproofing", etc. will yield a lot of helpful information.