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WTB - Roland TD-12 Module

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  • WTB - Roland TD-12 Module

    Looking to upgrade from my TD-3 to a TD-12 module if the price is right. Id rather buy a used one in good condition then something new. Anyone out there looking to sell theirs? Thanks!

    PS. USA only and paypal.

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    I might be interested in selling mine to upgrade to a td20 module. But I live in Canada....
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      What kind of price are you thinking USD?


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        hm... im in Ontario Canada and am lookin to buy a used td10 or td12 depending on the price...

        sorry dont mean to butt in on the original posters request, but what kinda coin we talking if ya decide to part with the td12...


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          Selling my td-12

          I'm looking to sell my td-12 kit. I live in Michigan. I have owned the kit for 10 months. No gigs just basement use. Great kit needs a good home! Jason


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            I was able to get a used TD-12 off Ebay recently for a nice price so im no longer looking for the module. GL to you other guys out there looking for one.


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              sorry i shoulda mentioned it was just a TD-10 or 12 module im interested in at this point in time... whole kit would be nice but a bit more then what ive got to spend right now...