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WTB - 22" kick drum shell and rim

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  • WTB - 22" kick drum shell and rim

    If anyone has a cheap or damaged 22" kick drum they want to get rid of, I am looking for one for a new DIY project.
    The only thing that is important is that the shell is not damaged near and around one of the head mounts and the rim and mounting hardware is not damaged and is decent cosmetically. In other words, if the shell is damaged on one end or in the middle, that is fine.
    I would prefer someone who is in Australia simply due to the shipping costs involved for international locations.

    Suggestions as to where I can find such a thing in Aus are welcome too.

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    I have a 16 x 22" kick that I am going to sell from my old kit. It is already complete with a trigger and mesh head, it triggers sweet!!

    I'll post some pics later today.

    I'm in the U.S. but I will ship to you.


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      Thanks for the reply Sarge. How much are you asking for yours?
      I'm actually after this for my DIY gong project so I won't be using it as a kick drum. I already have the gong built and triggering nicely but I am after the shell and rim to cut down and use for extra tensioning on the head.

      Here's a photo of my gong with the rest of my kit to give you an idea of what I'm doing...
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        Mesh gong, sweet idea!!!!

        Here is the link for it
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        I was asking $75 or best offer, but if all you want is 1/2 the shell and 1 hoop I can go take out the trigger and even cut the shell down for you so it's cheaper + cheaper to ship if it's smaller. Say $50 + S/H.

        Or make me an offer.



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          Definitely interested Joe, particularly if you are willing to cut the shell, as long as shipping isn't a killer. Can you get an estimate for me on shipping to Geelong, Australia? My post code is 3216.



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            PM Sent to you puss.


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              I also have a section of 22" bass drum shell, cut down to about 6" in depth.


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                That would be perfect. How much do you want for it?
                Can you get an estimate on shipping costs? My location details are above.


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                  I just want to get rid of it, so like $20? But shipping would probably be pretty hefty since it's a 22"x6" circle. I'll ask at the post office.

                  Just so we're clear, it's just one side of the bass drum cut off (the bearing edge is intact, and the cut is just behind the lug holes so you can use normal spurs to attach a rim to it).


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                    That sounds good Flam, as long as the shipping doesn't kill things (I can get a factory second from a shop here in Aus but there's a wait until it can be sent). Sarge got me a quote on the shipping but his shipment was going to be larger than yours so it might have been more expensive.
                    ...and yeah, I only need the bearing edge intact on one side.


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                      nice drums
                      I could not have said it better myself :)
                      the end is here


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                        Originally posted by markre View Post
                        nice drums
                        Thanks Markre and welcome aboard
                        I just updated the photo in my post above (new pic has my TD12 and new TD20 module)