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WTB a Bass Pedal and a throne.

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  • WTB a Bass Pedal and a throne.

    I am looking to buy a cheap Bass Pedal and a throne. If anyone knows of a really good deal please let me know. I am not looking to spend much at the moment on these two items.

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    Baz...well, this kind of depends. Are you new to drumming and just finding out if you like it or not? If so, then inexpensive stuff is okay. However, if you are serious about sticking with drums and you know you're going to play for a while, then I wouldn't go too cheapo. First, the throne...I've owned a few bad/cheap thrones in my life. Maybe it's good for you to have a cheap one first, just so that you realize that you'd really like a good one. But the fact is you're sittin' your rear end on that thing for the entire time you're drumming...if it's uncomfortable then you're not going to want to be on it for long, so you get up and walk away from your drums. Now that I have a good throne I'd go back in time and slap myself in the face for ever getting a cheap throne. Then as far as a kick pedal...you need to find out what kind of pedal you like and what works for you. This means sitting down at a music store with a few different pedals and tapping away. Find out what you do & don't like and what feels the most natural to you. This will probably drive the music store lackey a little crazy, but too bad. Find what's most natural for you. My first pedal was a cheap piece of junk that eventually started falling apart. You can get by with something like a Pulse pedal from Musician's Friend (or I'm sure Hope Drums or RMC have inexpensive pedals as well)...you can get these for about $25 or so. That's fine for now, but just know that if you are really into this then you're eventually going to want to step up to a higher quality pedal...so start saving your money.
    Stick twirling - because you obviously have mastered all other aspects of drumming already, right?