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    For our members' safety, we have specific requirements for access to posting and responding in the classified section(s). Please read ALL of the following sections to understand our promotion access process.

    General Classified Access:

    Your user title can be found under your name in any post you've created, or in your user profile. (note: if you have a custom user title, you may not see this server-controlled name)
    • "Registered" members are members who have registered for the forum, but have not passed their temporary "new member moderation period" as a new member. (<3 posts)
    • "Approved" members are members who have passed the "new member moderation period", but still have under 30 posts.
    "Registered" and "Approved" members may only view our classified forum(s). "Registered" and "Approved" members cannot post or respond in our classified forum(s) until they meet the following requirements of a "Seasoned" member.

    Classified Posting Access:

    "Seasoned" members can post new topics and respond to open topics in our classified forum(s).(note: if you have a custom user title, you may not see this server-controlled name)
    • "Seasoned" members are members who have met the classified access requirements of 30 days AND 30 posts.
    "Seasoned" members may view, post, and respond our classified forum(s).

    Classified Promotion Process:

    Promotion to a "Seasoned" member is not instant. Promotions are handled by the server. Upon achieving 30 days and 30 posts, the promotion is scheduled and processed by the server.

    While promotions generally take only moments, they can sometimes take longer. Please allow up to 24 hours for the server to perform your promotion.

    Once promoted, you will see your user title in your profile change to "Seasoned", and the "+ New Topic" button will be available to you in the classified forums.

    We highly suggest signing out and back in during this time to help trigger your promotion properly. (note: this is to help update your forum browser cookie)

    Technical Steps:

    If 24 hours has passed since your achievement of 30 days and 30 posts, and you still have not gained access to posting in the classified forum(s), we ask you perform the following steps.
    1. Sign out of your account.
    2. Close your browser.
    3. Open your browser.
    4. Clear your cookies and cache.
    5. Close your browser.
    6. Open your browser.
    7. Sign in to your account.
    8. Check your user title for your promotion to a "Seasoned" member.

    Getting More Help:

    Only after you have met the classified posting requirements, and performed all of the above steps, you may contact a moderator or administrator for help.
    You may also use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page.

    Contacting us for help without meeting all of the above requirements will result in no response.

    Please be sure you have met the proper requirements, waited the allotted 24 hours for promotion, and have performed all the technical steps above.


    Before posting, ensure you have read our rules!
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