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WTB (US): KD-120 / PD-105 / PD-125 / PD-125XS / VH-11 / CY-14C / CY-15R

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  • WTB (US): KD-120 / PD-105 / PD-125 / PD-125XS / VH-11 / CY-14C / CY-15R

    ** This thread can now be closed. **

    I'm looking to create a kit at home that matches (exactly) what I have at church.
    Below is the price I'm willing to pay for each item including shipping--i.e., the price below includes shipping. I live in NJ.
    (I looked at eBay sales to determine prices.)
    • I was able to purchase everything I wanted -- see list below
    Items must be in "very good" or excellent condition.
    Please send me pictures in a PM if you are interested in selling me something. Thank you.

    I am no longer looking for the following:
    • $150 CY-14C - Microjedi
    • $220 KD-120 Black - eBay, $222
    • $120 PD-105 BK/Black (I'm looking to buy two of these) - eBay, $110 each
    • $150 CY-15R - Trip McNealy
    • $155 PD-125 BK/Black - Trip McNealy
    • $155 PD-125 BK/Black or $290 PD-125XS - eBay, PD-125, $166, practically new so I paid a bit more
    • $65 BT-1 - eBay, $65
    • $135 VH-11 without the sensor, so just the cymbal and the clutch (I like the FD-7 better than the sensor setup), or
      $200 VH-11 with the sensor and washer (I can get $65 on eBay for the sensor and washer)
      - eBay, $215, barely used, so I paid a bit more
    Last edited by MarkRajcok; 02-17-18, 10:23 PM. Reason: I purchased the last item I was looking for, a CY-14C
    Church: Roland TD-12KX V-Stage w/ substitutions: PD125BK + snare stand, 3 PD105-BKs (no PD-85s), 1 CY-12R/C, 1 CY-14C, 1 CY-15R, VH-11 cymbal mounted to rack + FD7 -- much better than VH-11 cylinder trigger thingy; DW3000 pedal, Roland KC-350 monitor, Roc-n-Soc Nitro throne.
    Home: Hart GigaPro (2003, TE3) but with a Roland FD7 HiHat pedal and an extra CY-5, TD-8, Axis-A pedal, Roland SPD-20, DrumKAT Turbo, Sony 7506 headphones, PM-30 monitor, Roc-n-Soc Nitro throne.

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    Sent you a PM, I have a few items I can sell you. I am in NJ as well.
    Live Rig: Mimic Pro | PD-125X pads | ATV + Roland cym | DIY 13" Snare + 14" Kick | MDS-9V rack | Turbosound iQ12 + iQ15B
    Studio Rig: TD-12 w/ SD 3.0 | Pearl ePro DIY full kit | ATV + Yamaha cym | VH-11 | MDS-20 rack | ATH-M40x phones