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WTB: CY12 or CY14 (for crash) U.S.A.

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  • WTB: CY12 or CY14 (for crash) U.S.A.

    He y'all,

    I am in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Looking for a working CY14 or CY12 for crashes and China sounds. I could also use a stand and clamp for one of the older "ribbed" type of Roland racks. I can pay via PayPal. Hoping to find a bit of a deal as money is tight. Can drive to pick up in certain parts of Florida.


    Dan (aka red66charger)
    VDrums: TD-12 Module, KD120, 3 PD120's, 2 PD100's, CY16R, 2 CY14C's
    Acoustic: 1964 Rogers Wine Red Ripple 22&20/12/13/14/Holiday snare, 1967 Slingerland Yellow Tiger Pearl 20/13/16/COB Snare