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My true altimate wish list

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  • My true altimate wish list

    I think I had to much time on my hands this winter?

    Roland V-Drum Wishlist

    A new "TD-20+"
    This is definitely a list from my imagination of the features an electronc drumset should have:

    1. User Access to all Kits separated in banks of 50 for a total of 20 banks or 1,000 kits. Not the current 50 which as to be exchanged with other user-defined or factory kits

    2. Sequencer with 99 parts, not 4. Allow each part to have 99 levels of undue, similar to other software based sequencers.
    3. USB/Firewire connects in back of unit to access, CD Burners, External Harddrives, Monitors, Computer downloads/uploads, mouse, MIDI, etc.

    4. Ability to save, record and manipulate samples. Have COSM technology manipulate those sampled sounds.

    5. Optional LCD Flat Monitor - 12" - 17"

    6. More faders and virtual faders for each trigger either directly connected to the Controller or to multiple TMC-6's

    7. Optional Auto sensitivity/velocity adjustments for each pad and external acoustic drum trigger.

    8. The use of Memory download via USB or Firewire. This will eliminate the expensive proprietary M512E memory cards and slow MIDI connection.

    9. Bluetooth wireless technology connection between Controller and triggers - eliminate cables and units like the TMC-6
    10. Have a basic Keyboard Synth chip on-board or available via expansion card. This will be good for sequence developing.
    11. Optional USB/MIDI 3 octave Keyboard to be attached to the Controller to assist in composing sequences.

    12. Make available a library of Sampled Brand name drums and Cymbals for downloading into the controller

    13. Memory for Samples can be increased to 1GB of DDRRam/Flash Ram and a 40/80 GB Laptop-like HD.

    14. Create a V-Mallet Instrument using sounds and expandability
    like the VX-5080. Try to better the Mallet Kat. - have sequencer/multi pad/trigger inputs

    15. Rack mounting system that can be folded up into a more compact unit but large enough to fit a full 12+ pad kit and also quick to tear-down.

    16. Locking/stackable PD pads and Cymbals for transport into standard drum bags/cases.

    17. Have a library of kits on the net for V-drum users where all kits are sound-a-likes of all popular or classic songs. I.e. turnkey programming for specific tunes.

    18. Ability to set-up real time composed loops and playing them by control from an external pad similar to the ability of the Yamaha Extreme Kit.

    19. Easy use of the SPD-20 as a comprehensive MIDI switch controller to start/stop sequences, kits, loops and other user defined "Macros" to change settings.

    20. Software interface for Windows/Mac computer systems that can be used to edit kits, samples, sequences, loops; Backups, Uploads, Sampling, changing logical configuration of hardware buttons and sliders as well as input/output ports, Test sounds and Kits by graphically showing the kit on screen.

    21. Optional Mini-pullout USB mixer council that can be attached to the bottom of the TD-20. This can be used to adjust all volumes and mixes of all pads and input/output signals. Example - this mixer could be a physical 12-16 digital slider/mixer that could be set-up as a virtual 64+ channel mixer.
    This option will allow the main TD-20 Unit to remain small and not have to have additional sliders as currently on the TD-10

    22. Mesh drum pad about 16" diameter that can be used as electronic Timpani. These would also have a foot pedal for each pad that can be used to change the pitch of the drums. These drums would be controlled by the TD-20 where various high quality samples would be used as a sound source. This will eliminate my problem of having to use a very large trailer to transport very expensive timpani to rehearsals.

    Note that, if possible, digital encoded mallets can be used to automatically change the sound of the drum to recognize either a Soft to Hard mallet and many steps in-between. The mallets could also be programmable, where a switch can be used on the mallet or controlled via Bluetooth wireless connection to change the "hardness" and "Material of the mallets". This technology could be translated to drumset sticks and other mallets specific to different types of percussion instruments to be controlled by either the TD-20 or a 'V-Mallet' keyboard instrument.

    23. Sampler must be capatible with the highest industry standards.

    24. A variation to the volume control for the headphones. A dB limiter that will ensure that the overall volume going through the headphones does not exceed a predefined amount. I.e. save the eardrums when the drummer tends to keep cranking up the volume of the headphones due to the constant changing of volume to get the best mix of drum monitoring, stage monitoring, sequence playback monitoring and the click. May require
    custom headphones. If so, make the headphones also wireless and isolation style with about a 24dB muffling.

    25. Multiple levels of sounds that can be programmed per pad. I.e. similar to SPD-20. Various sound patches triggered upon different velocities.

    Finally! All for under $1,000!
    Work at something until you are at the level of ability to have people want to pay for your services.

    Equip. V-Pro, TD10,TDW-1,ddrum Triggers, TMC6, Simmons SDS9,KC500,and just about any percussion instrument you can hit.

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    I think your discription is wrong!!!! You must be Dutch
    DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas


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      price:about 25,000$


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        Originally posted by cpgrossman
        price:about 25,000$
        And, thus, Roland VDrums would go the way of the Simmons...
        My website...
        VCustom kit,
        TD8 + Aphex Impulse,
        HDI Cymbals.
        A great site: eDrumming.com


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          That will be the year 2024!!!!!!
          TD10 exp, Hart pro 6,4, Yamaha O3D mixer, Ecler EPC 7000, 6136 W RMS sound system, etc etc..



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            I say go the route of sound quality! Better effects, layering sounds and so on.

            And the bleeding outputs is completly unacceptable in my book.

            took out pointless rude comments
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