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KP-120 suggestion

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  • KP-120 suggestion

    I'm wondering why Roland couldn't have design the KP120 to setup and brake down as easy as the rest of the session kit. I'm traveling with my kit average 2x per week and I think the mounting system with two lugs nuts and seperate legs, cound have be thought through better. My suggestions are:
    1) Quick release mount on pad.
    2) Retractable leg on mount with pivoting elbow joint.

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    KP-120 kick pad. It's the thing under your right foot that goes boom boom and sometimes boom - - - - boom, boom.


    • #3
      When I'm really rushed, I just remove the kick pedal and carry it by hand.


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        Roland hardware

        Can't say too much for the actual pads themselves, but the stands that Roland packages with its sets are OEMed by Ultimate Support.

        The difference between those plastic cymbal/tom clamps and the same piece by Tama or Gibraltar is quite evident.


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          Roland clamps are not as road worthy as I expected and IMO are too expensive. Not to mention they only work with roland. I just completed replacing all my cymbal clamps with Gibraltar clamps. Next project will be new mounts and clamps for the toms. I like the MDS-10 session rack, but I expected better hardware and more innovation for dissassembly. It's very evident that Rolands expertise lay else where. How much have others spent on replacing and/or upgrading roland hardware. If I had to do it over again, I would buy session pads, v-cymbals and TD-10 brain seperately and build a custom rack?