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New kit - will it work?

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  • New kit - will it work?

    Hey all, i have been looking at some v's so buy, and considering all things this is what i have come up with:

    Brain: TD-8 and triggering DTExpress via midi connection.
    Snare: PD-120
    Toms: PD-80 x3 [Plus 2 Yammie TP-60's]
    Cymbals: 2 x CY-6 for crash and ride, PD-7 hat, PD-7 secondary crash. I will also have 2 Yamaha PY-60's to use as splash/chinas.
    Kick: KD-80.
    Percussion: 2x TP-60 yamaha pads

    I will midi out from the dtexpress into the TD-8, and trigger all the yammie pads through that, sounding the TD-8 sounds. Will this work?

    also one other thing - does anyone know a way to mount the yamaha TP-60's, (which require the standard yamaha tom locks) into some sort of cymbal position?



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    What i meant by using the two brains was thus: I use the yamaha brain simply to add more trigger inputs, and to trigger the pads of my [current] DTXpress kit to play the TD-8's sounds, not to use the yamaha sounds.

    I cant upgrade any of the yammie pads, because they are those of my current DTXpress kit, and i am simply using them to trigger more sounds out of the roland.

    To do this... i would midi out the yammie brain and into the roland... or is that the wrong way round?



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      Oh - and what is meant by 'y-cabling'? I'm only really getting into the more complex side of e-drumming, so am still rather novice in this area!



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        Originally posted by b0jf010:
        and what is meant by 'y-cabling'?
        Walked right into that one Feef!!! Serves you right!!!

        'I only ever quote myself - except when I quote someone else' - me

        , plenty of , and , , triggered acoustics, , and a plethora of PA blah blah freakin blah...I mean does anyone care about the specifics of pedals, speakers, processors, hardware or anything that I'm using?? :confused: Hmmm, maybe this is an appropriate place to mention that I tried out a new cymbal stand the other day...


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          I don't really see the point in buying two additional PD-7's for hihat and crash. I'd use a Yammie TP-60 as hihat and buy an extra CY-6 as crash.

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            I realised that yesterday! I decided i liked the feel of my old tp-60 better than the FD-7, so i have mdified the setup slightly:

            TD - 8
            | Input Voice Pad Trigger Sound
            | 1 + 2 Kick KD-80 and Yammie Kick Kick
            | 3 Snare PD-120 Snare
            | 4 Tom1 PD-80 Tom1
            | 5 Tom2 PD-80 Tom2
            | 6 Tom3 PD-80 Tom3
            | 7 Hi-Hat TP-60 Hi-Hat
            | 8 Crash1 CY-6 Crash1
            | 9 Crash2 PD-7 Crash2
            | 10 Ride CY-6 Ride
            | 11 + 12 Aux TP-60 Percussion
            Midi HH Hat Controller FD-7 HH Controller
            | Input Voice Pad Trigger Sound
            | 1 Kick
            | 2 Snare
            | 3 Tom1 TP-60 Tom4
            | 4 Tom2 TP-60 China
            | 5 Tom3 TP-80 Crash3
            | 6 Ride PCY-60 Splash
            | 7 Crash PCY-60 China2
            | 8 Hi-Hat
            DTXpress 9 HH Controller

            That should be a pretty awesome kit. Now to find all the racks and clamps needed to keep it standing!


            *The damn table i made yesterday wont line up. Lil' explaination then - The two brains are connceted via midi. The Numbers are the input no.'s, the 'Pad' column is the type of pad to be used, and the 'Trigger Sound' is the voice to be triggered.

            [This message has been edited by b0jf010 (edited March 04, 2002).]


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              Regarding midi,
              What you could do is:
              Set the dtxpress to the same midi channel as the percussion set on the td-8.
              Change the percussion set to a midi channel other than 10.
              Make up your own percussion sets, or use the preset ones, set the note assignment of the dtxpress to these to this.
              The Reason:
              Separate midi channels, so the td- and the dtx don't conflict (notes wise)
              plus the big bonus:
              You can sequence a totally separate percussion track with the td-8's sequencer.


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                I'd be very interested in pictures of your set if you ever make them!

                We could also put them on my site, which is dedicated to electronic drum setups.

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