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cheapest prices on VDRUMs

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  • cheapest prices on VDRUMs

    I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR VDRUMS FOR A WHILE, I JUST GO MY TAX RETURN AND I AM BUYING TOMMORROW! Best prices are at www.wholesalemusic.com. Vclub $999, Vsession $3999, vcustom $2149 and v concert $3199. And dispite what I have read I did get a phone #334-263-1284 in the email back Now I am faced with which one to buy? Any Expert want to help me choose?

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    Deja Vu! I'd swear I just answered this. What the heck happened to my post?????
    Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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      go for the concert......if u buy before april they send u the tw1 expansion card(279.00) and the 15 ride cymbal (290.00)
      for free.....plus the video users manual and some sticks and headphones......the headphones are crap but if you go this route u can get the 12"v hi hat later and save some dough........keep in mind the concert set is not exactly the color they show in the pictures......thankfully.its a midnight bluish purple........hope this helps
      -i can levitate birds and no one cares-----------V-CONCERT,CY12H-CY15R/SPD-20-XP-60 V-STUDIO 1824CD,DAUZ PADS,NO RYTHYM AND MISC.CRAP 9"HART SPLASH/AKAI S5000/ASSLOAD OF SAMPLES


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        I tried your URL and it didnt work.. sent me to some Dell hosting website