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TD6 wish

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  • TD6 wish

    I wish that the TD6 would allow you to SEPARATELY pan the zones in the CY6s; ie, in Crash 1, you have a Splash on the edge and a 16" Thin crash on the bow, but instead of being able to pan the splash to R4, say, and the crash to L2, BOTH sounds wind up in the same pan position.

    I'm thinking this might just be a misunderstanding on my part of the 'zones' setup for the CY6, as I recall reading a TD6 review thread and something about trigger zones/piezos came up....but I thought I'd toss this out there anyway

    It would certainly make for a fuller 'soundstage' for the drumset with more cymbal panning distribution, that's all. This is not a full fledged whine

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