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VDrums with MIDI

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  • VDrums with MIDI

    I recently purchased a TD-8, and I've been very happy with the sounds. However, it's clear that this machine was made with drummers, not MIDI users, in mind. Examples:

    * The twelve drum instruments are easy to change, but changing any of the other "percussion" instruments requires a trip to the Pattern mode (of all places), and several extra steps. This just doesn't make sense.

    * You can control the volume of the "percussion" instruments with the standard MIDI Volume controller, but you can't control the volume of the drums without using System Exclusive. This makes the mixer in a sequencer pretty uselss.

    These are only the two most annoying problems...there are others. Is anyone else frustrated with this? Is there a way to alert Roland to these problems? Perhaps if there was enough support, they would be willing to make a software upgrade.

    Jacob Weber

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    Jacob, I believe you have the answer.

    However, it's clear that this machine was made with drummers, not MIDI users, in mind."

    I'm not MIDIing at present, so I sense none of your frustrations. But I might. Many posts here have made it quite clear that the Roland units are extremely weak when it comes to MIDI, but as you have already said, it was designed for drummers. I would hope there are modules out there for the MIDI types.



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      Roland has always been infamous for giving you what they can get away with. If it has a midi port it should have full featured midi support. Anything less is unbelievble since the midi protocal was established in 1983, I don't think drummers are idiots, why does Roland.
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        I am also sometimes anoyed with how drummer friendly the V's are. Why on the sequencer, do I have a bass part, a guitar part, a drum part, and a synth lead part. Why not tracks 1-4. Why even put a sequencer on the thing if it is going to be so weak?


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          I have been extremely fustrated with the midi setup in the TD-10 There must be a logical way for Roland to be able to provide basic Midi sync within there own equipment. I have been trying to midi the td7 with the td10 with no success. Igo to th manuals for guidance and get vague explanations, No specifics or how to's if it doesn't work correctly. Between the TD7 and the TD 10 I am in Roland hell.