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Calling all V-drummers

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  • Calling all V-drummers

    Hey there, question?
    is it possible to scequence a lick, then hit a pad to play it back?
    Stebe Ges

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    Of course it is...several of the preset kits already do it...check out the "big band" type kits ...they have some other stuff that triggers off the cymbal rims...also any of the kits that have a running bass line with each kick drum hit are doing the same thing.

    Basically...record your pattern, go into edit mode on the pad you want to use to trigger the pattern, hit F4 (ctrl), select F3 to get in pattern trigger mode, and select the pattern you recorded from the list next to "PATTERN".

    There are other settings you can use to get things to loop or not loop, progress through a series of hits in a pattern, etc.

    This can even be used for such things as adding a tamborine to a snare drum...just set up a one hit sequence with a tamb. and set the snare to trigger it, or even set the trigger to only happen at a certain velocity level.

    Play with the brain more....read the manual...before I read your post, I did not know specifically how to do this, as I have never needed to...but it is simple enough to figure out, so I rolled over to the brain, and tried it. Get to know this brain and you'll be much happier with the drums overall.

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      redbrick is correct - RTFM