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Memory card port and Smart Media

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  • Memory card port and Smart Media

    Wouldn't that be a useful modification.

    A Smart Card reader/interface to fit in the Memory Card port in the back of the TD-10 module. Something that could add sounds and sequences.

    The Smart Media cards are really inexpensive now.

    Ah yes, the possibilites are endless!

    Hey Roland! Are you listening? Give that little challenge to your engineers! It could make your TD-10 module a Ddrum 4! Oh and by the way, give me a TDW-1 expansion card for that little bit of kaizan!

    Hahaha, that one was for you putt!

    All they would have to do is market a "Smart Media package" complete with "Roland Sound Font" software (if it existed), and two readers. One reader for the memory card port and a second reader for the computer to load the sounds. Suppose it all could be done through the midi cable to save time and money if the customer did not want to buy a second reader.

    The "Roland Sound Font" software (if it existed) would have the ability do what Lee Overstreet's Vkit Transfer does and some other bells and wistles like PCM conversion to the proper bit depth and frequency. Another nice touch would be the abitlity to adjust all those items found in the Studio and Mixer settings.

    Just an idea that could not go unsaid!

    This is the place of dreams and folly...

    Have a great day and rest those wrists from time to time!

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    Originally posted by Cyberjam:
    [B]Hahaha, that one was for you putt! [B]