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New V-Drums

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  • New V-Drums

    YO! YO!
    Check this! Wouldn't it be great if Roland added different colors to the wonderful V-drums. Such as black shells with gold lugs. And natural wood shells with black lugs.

    Stebe Ges
    Stebe Ges

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    Agreed, but why not do it yourself. Buy some sheets of adhesive PVC, you can get it in any colour, loads of funky patterns, even wood finish. Take all the hardware off, cut to shape and stick it on. I did this with an old 1970 Hayman kit and it looks great. The lugs could conceivably be coloured by a metal coating company.


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      I think that is a really good idea. Yamaha's DTXtreme looks really nice, but is deceiving. I think Roland or a 3rd party company should offer something like that.