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Roland needs to make a snake cable for the V-drums

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  • Roland needs to make a snake cable for the V-drums

    Why hasn't Roland made a snake cable specifically for use with the V-drums? I mean c'mon those cheap ass cables that come with the kit suck and they are so messy. Why not a nice bundled color coded (or better yet numbered) snake with the cables being all the exact length we need them. It's such a pain in the ass setting up a V-kit with all of those cheap cables. Some of us (a lot of us) gig with the V's and it's just not practical hauling around 12 flimsy, tangled up cables to gigs and having to guess what goes where.


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    I asked that question of a Roland rep and was told that they had looked into that but determined that no one would pay the type of price they would have to ask for such a product.

    Something you might consider is building your own. I built one for less than $100.00 with parts that are readily available at any electronics supply shop. The key is to get good quality (Switchcraft) stereo connectors.
    I made my custom length cables and insered them into a braided sheath. The braid allows you to break each cable out of the sheath at it's appropriate location. At the module end you can wrap shrink tape around the end of the braid to give it a tight finish. Labeling is easy with the type of cable ties that have a small label area. Label with a labeling device such as the Brother P Touch label maker and secure the label permanantly in place with some clear nail polish.

    I made my wiring harness for the toms and cymbals. For the kick, snare and hihat controller I am still using individual cables but have made them custom length. This keeps the back of the module much neater as you won't have that tangle of extra cable length to deal with.

    If you can solder you can easily do it your self!


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      This is the way I solved this problem. First position the Vpads exactly where you want them on the rack. Next I purchased some black plastic ty-wraps that are long enough to wrap around the rack pipes with plenty of slack left over. Now attach each cable to each Tom and Cymbal pad and run it along the drum racks system top curved pipeing and have the cables meet from each Tom and Cymbal along the way as you run them towards the Drum Brain. Now tywrap the cables directly to the drum rack as neatly as you can. This makes the cabling almost invisable. Now there is a lot of slack left over but I wrap it all together and tywrap it as neatly as I can to the vertical upright side of the rack and leave just enough wire to reach the Drum Brain. Having the cables prewired on the rack this way cuts the setup time to one third. You can Barely see the cables on my kit now. The only better solution is to custom make cables that fit perfectly.
      Hope this helps!


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        What I did with all the slack on the cables which is left over is I coiled them all up pretty neatly and then took a small cloth bag with drawstrings (like the bag a bottle of Crown Royal scotch somes in, only black...it actually came with my Sony headphones to be used to store the headphones in) and stuffed the coiled cables into it and then hung the bag right under the TD-10. It looks very clean.


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          I mount my td10 ona gibarltar bracket w/cymbal arm allowing a vertical face on the
          td10 and use "BILLC" idea w/ a sony bag. and
          a black flexable conduit /velcro.