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    Here's an idea, I've noticed alot of people didn't buy ALL Roland and may have some other pieces (i.e. TD-10 with Hart Set or TD-8 with Pintech Concert Cast) I propose there be an area where representatives (or users) of other products can post settings they use to get the best sound out of their V-Drum Module with other-than-VDum accessories. Personally I have a barrage of different stuff. TD-10, PD-7 for HH, Pintech HH-10 for controller, KD-7 for Bass (want/need new one), S&S Stingers for Snare and Toms, Pintech TC-14's for Crashes and Ride. And I don't think all of my settings are optimal for my offbrand stuff.


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    Great idea! I'm waiting for the delivery of my TD-8, and will have a "mutt" kit of my own. I've spent too much money over the years on pads and controllers to get rid of them and use all Roland pads. I've already gone as far as putting Roland mesh heads on my 2 S&S pads. They seem to work better (on my old D-4). I will be a regular contributer to this new forum, and would welcome other ideas to help optimize my new kit.