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Roland TD-27 control click track metronome by switch or pad

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  • Mystic38
    iirc you can import a sample, set it to loop and have it start and stop with a trigger (pad).. said sample can easily be your click track.

    yes, i know, not ideal, but deals with the primary issue you ahve.


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  • bernowal
    I did find out it’s possible to tap the tempo of click by a external pad/trigger. But now Roland have to make it possible to start/stop the click by tapping a pad/trigger. It can’t be that hard to add this feature to ‘foot switch/pad control’ since you can start and stop and up down a lot at that place…

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  • Roland TD-27 control click track metronome by switch or pad

    I recent bought a Roland TD-27 and converted an acoustic kit to an electric (with self build triggers). All works great and now I’m experimenting with Roland’s PD8’s to trigger samples. But I also found out that you can use a pad in the same way as a Footswitch by Aux3. But why can’t I trigger a metronome with this? Someone managed this with a TD25, 27 or 50?

    An even beter feature would be to tap the desired tempo with the stick by tapping a PD8! This gives a better result than by finger on the module itself.

    I hope someone at Roland will read this :-D
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