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wish-list for td17 module

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  • mkok
    Roland tend to just fix things and not add new features except on the flagship models.

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  • exsanguinator
    started a topic wish-list for td17 module

    wish-list for td17 module

    I would like the next version software update for the roland td17 to incorporate an icon that tells you as soon as a preset/user patch has been changed and then disappears when all the values are set back correctly.
    I would also like a feature to copy a drum sound with all its parameters/sample to another user patch.
    I have found that just changing snares or kick drums around, makes even the presets sound so much better , but it's takes too long to write down all the values of the particular drum you like, and enter them again on another patch.
    it shouldn't be that difficult to code that in the software should it?