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Wishlist for ATV aD5 module/ samples

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  • Wishlist for ATV aD5 module/ samples

    hello, Could ATV please add some samples in the crash department ? for example if there is an 18" ozone cymbal could there be another ozone cymbal
    with a slightly lower pitch.. so that, somebody can have a 'set' of cymbals with an interval.. same with other types of cymbals .. a re-pitched version of the
    same type cymbal but with a different pitch.. so you can build a 'set' of cymbals that belong together.. this would be very helpful (to some people) ..thx
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    EricDrumz, I agree thar some additional crashes would enrich the palette. The addition of some better sounding toms/floor toms would be welcome for me. That being said, perhaps the cooperation with Canopus might bring just that. First up: a snare. Lets wait and see.