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A new/better Trigger iO style module

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  • A new/better Trigger iO style module

    I would love to see a more modern version of something like the Alesis Trigger iO / DDrum DDTi.

    Basically, an inexpensive module with no on-board sounds, but with a decent number of pad inputs and support for both Roland and Yamaha cymbals.

    I know that the MegaDrum module exists, but it would be nice to see something more widely commercially available.
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    I know this is over two years old but maybe you are still around and missed the Audiofront eDRUMin
    Check this thread out:


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      Yep, I'm still around and nope, I haven't missed the eDRUMin. I would almost certainly have bought one if they had been available back then.

      Right now my needs are pretty well satisfied using two modules (one Alesis and one Yamaha), but I'll likely go the eDRUMin route if either of them bites the dust.


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        Man, you will love it! Do it!


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          Another option on the used market at least is the Yamaha DTXPRESS. It's a compact drum trigger module that is equipped with an AWM tone generator and sequencer functions.

          It has 10 trigger input jacks and a hi-hat controller input jack. It's pretty cheap on the used market too. I picked up a whole drum set for my daughter for $125 with the module.

          Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 11.16.51 AM.png