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  • A Better TD-11

    Before I bought my kit I visited Guitar Center and played both the TD11-KV & the TD25-KV. For the money the TD-11 won easily. I wasn't impressed with TD-25 module at all...especially not for a grand more. I bought my TD-11KV kit and have had it for a couple of months now and like it except for a couple of things.

    The first complaint is the construction of the pads...why did they have to put that plastic ring between the rim and the mesh head. I'm a fairly decent drummer and most of my chops are accurate but every now and then I hit closer to the rim than the middle especially on fills going down the toms and I hit the plastic ring. I find it not only screws up what could have been a nice fill or break sound wise but it also breaks my concentration for a second. I keep telling myself don't get pissed...just keep on playing and keep the rings in mind and it will make you a better and more accurate drummer. But hey...really...who wants to think about the rings at all. I was aware of the pad differences when I bought the kit but I thought it wouldn't bother me as much as it does...oh well.

    The second complaint is the rack. Why do they only offer the compact style rack? I mean it's like only a foot between the two front foot poles and the cross bars are square. I like to spread out and I've always placed a cymbal right in front of me between the rack toms. Again...I was aware of this when I bought the kit but figured I could adapt...I was wrong. I've Frankensteined my rack with pieces from my old Yamaha DTXpress kit to give my kit a wider stance and a place to mount my center works good but it looks kinda crappy.

    I wish Roland would have offered the TD11 module with TD25-KV style pads and rack...I would have coughed up a few hundred more bucks for that...anyway...just my two cents worth. In hindsight I should have bought the TD25-KV kit, sold the module and bought a TD11 module but whats done is done. Now I'm scoping craigslist and ebay everyday searching for a deal to come up on 25KV style pads.

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    I have the TD11K and also hated rack it was way to compact (and low) and the center posts wouldn't let me put my pedal where I wanted. I ended up picking up a cheap drum set and Intrigg triggers with mesh pads using the module and cymbals only. Only cost me about $400 but what an improvement.
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      I know this is an old post, but the TD-11 is a compact rig, hence the small rack. I just last week replaced my MDS-4v rack with a used MDS-9 (older style) rack and it is great. I picked it up on craigslist for $150 and it had all upgraded tom mounts and cymbal mounts, plus the guy added stabilizer feet to it. Easily upgraded to a $400-$500 rack as they are all Roland upgrades.

      The first upgrades I did on my kit was to replace the ride cymbal with a CY-13r 3 zone and the snare to a pdx-100. Because I only got the TD-11k I had the rubber toms and have my last 2 pdx-8's (the ones you don't like) on the way this week. I was going to get all pdx-100's but I picked up both PDX-8's on ebay yesterday for $155.00 total, so I had to get them at that price. That's less than one new PDX-8 and PDX-100. I'll deal with the plastic ring for a while before fully upgrading or selling this kit for a TD-30 or TD-50.