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V-Drum Module Output Routing Upgrade

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  • V-Drum Module Output Routing Upgrade

    I would like to see the Roland modules, especially the TD-50, have their output capabilities upgraded to a kit by kit basis instead of just globally. I use all of the direct outputs to feed my drums to the PA system as individually as possible. I have 2 pads connected to the aux 1 and aux 2 inputs of the module. On some kits, those pads are additional toms, on other kits I use them as percussion-type sounds like a shaker and tambourine or maybe congas. Any good FOH engineer would process those sounds differently, particularly between the shaker and a tom sound, plus the volumes of those sounds can vary quite a bit. With them always routed to the same output of the module, the FOH engineer is constantly chasing his tail trying to keep up with what I am doing with my sounds.

    If the routing could be upgraded to that kit by kit basis, I could eliminate that problem for him.

    Does anybody have comments about this idea?


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    Yes, I have for example Rush type kits, with toms etc elsewhere, or simply large ethnic world kits that need custom outs to have those mix options. Just about to buy the TD50 and good to know the limits. A little nervous about such issues, but I still need to pull the trigger as it could be 1-2 years until the next top flagship.
    I would've hoped that these alterations could be firmware undateable. Surprised this is the case on the TD50. (Along with no USB ins)