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V-Drum Module Output Routing Upgrade

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  • V-Drum Module Output Routing Upgrade

    I would like to see the Roland modules, especially the TD-50, have their output capabilities upgraded to a kit by kit basis instead of just globally. I use all of the direct outputs to feed my drums to the PA system as individually as possible. I have 2 pads connected to the aux 1 and aux 2 inputs of the module. On some kits, those pads are additional toms, on other kits I use them as percussion-type sounds like a shaker and tambourine or maybe congas. Any good FOH engineer would process those sounds differently, particularly between the shaker and a tom sound, plus the volumes of those sounds can vary quite a bit. With them always routed to the same output of the module, the FOH engineer is constantly chasing his tail trying to keep up with what I am doing with my sounds.

    If the routing could be upgraded to that kit by kit basis, I could eliminate that problem for him.

    Does anybody have comments about this idea?