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SPD-SX... make Sub Wave not completely useless

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  • SPD-SX... make Sub Wave not completely useless

    The SPX-SX has 2 sample slots per pad. But the only way this can be used is to launch two samples together, through the same output, at the same time. There is almost no case I can think of where this is useful (the only thing that comes to mind is a one-shot at the starting of a loop.) Please please please, add some functionality to make the Sub Wave worthwhile:

    * Separate audio routing for Main and Sub waves: the SPD-SX has a total of 3 "independent" stereo outputs, but the only way to get a pad to output different things to these outputs is to Pad Link two pads (wasting a pad in the process) and route each pad differently. How hard would it be to have independent routing for the sub wave on a pad? As it is, every time you want to play a wave click track, or want to send different samples to FOH and monitors, or even if you want different FX for the main and sub waves, you have to give up a pad to do it.

    * Velocity switching: what? Every other drum pad in existence lets you have different sounds for soft and hard hits. Even the venerable SPD-S did it, and the SPD-SX is supposed to be an "upgrade" of that model. All we need is a menu option that sets a velocity threshold, and makes the pad play one sample above that threshold and the other sample below it.

    * Round robin: OK, with only 2 samples maybe "toggle" is a more apt term. Yamaha lets you round robin 4 samples, surely the SPD-SX can manage to alternate between its 2.

    I don't think I'm asking for the moon on a stick here, it should be a pretty straightforward thing to put in a software update. It seems like an obvious thing to me (and god knows there's enough other people either complaining or just very confused about having to use the pad link trick), but maybe Roland don't see it the same way because they haven't done anything about it in any of the handful of firmware updates over the 5 years since release.

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    I would also very much appreciate the ability to utilise the sub wave in some kind of useful way.

    As you point out, though - I'm not optimistic considering they've not released any feature updates in the last 5 years. If we do see any improvement over this function, it'll most likely be on the next iteration. Which is a huge shame as it would breathe even more life into my SPD-SX than my memory expansion did.

    edit - Also, it would be great if we could pad link more pads per kit.
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      Update with Roland are pretty non existent, unless fix and pad compatibility.
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