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  • The wish list.

    Here are the things I want to see in future Edrums.

    #1. Sensing times below 1ms while maintaining reliable volumes/impact force.
    #2. Impact sensing that goes to 4 times below current thresholds and 4 times more than current thresholds.
    #3 Network (RJ45) midi transfer for under 1ms transfer of MIDI to DAW.
    #4 Update to the drum/MIDI format to allow for rim and head to have separate levels for use with blended samples (One for head, one for rim)
    #5 high hat with controls blending 4 inputs. Start with VH-12, add the KAT FSR strip under the pedal, use a mixture of the two for hat position. FSR trigger with pizio (or better) position for the trigger level.
    #6 General update to midi for 4000+ levels vs.128. and 256+ controller signals for aftertouch signals on every sensor/note. up to 8 vel levels/drum. The first three would be head rim bell. Im sure we will come up with uses for the the other 3, especially with a snare once you get side stick/brush involved.
    #7 FSR mesh heads

    In general, the triggers are the weak link of Edrums.

    The problem is to many patents. No one company will be allowed to make anything because Roland will sue the hell out of them. And Roland just milks 30 year old triggers without really upgrading the concept. One good example is Hart. They went away because Roland put them out of business. Roland Tech support is useless or very time consuming to get the response......figure it out your self.

    Oh yeah, you want a set of mesh toms of more than three sizes......nevermind DIY.
    At least they came out with an 18" cymbal. Should have been 21"

  • #2
    I wish Roland would become more price competitive. Re-use older products as intro kits at a low price. A TD-9 kit with all mesh heads at a $499 price point using the smaller PD-85 or even PDX-6 heads would be a good start.

    Also, more color variety. Maybe make mesh heads in colors other than white (or black for aftermarket?) I'm sure people would buy red or blue mesh heads to match their rack or drum colors. While we are at it, more cymbal colors. I've seen a few silver ones I really like, but other than that it's mostly black.

    Perhaps an update to the rim triggering would be nice as well, so you could program a different sound on the rims top section vs. the bottom section. We already have triple zone triggering on the CY-12 RC, perhaps adding triple triggering to a snare would be nice so that you could program in more than one rimshot sound, or program in a cowbell on rack tom upper rim than cowbell on bottom rack tom rim.

    Finally, Roland to start taking advantage of modern tech would be nice. Release a brain with a USB port that can handle tens of thousands of MP3 samples and backing tracks, or even a Micro SD card slot that can do the same.
    Current Kit - TD6-KV originally, added CY12R/C as a ride and upgraded rack toms to PDX-6, upgraded floor tom to PD-85, upgraded hi-hats to CY-5, upgraded brain to TD-9, upgraded bass to KD-120. Gibraltar 9608MB throne, Easton Ahead sticks.