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Smart noise +++ Why I think we should pay attention to reliable noise insulation

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  • Smart noise +++ Why I think we should pay attention to reliable noise insulation

    Edrums are expensive. It's no easy decision for many of us to make, which model to choose, how to obtain our dreams cheap enough.

    Then it arrives. The kit. Let's play it, let's go over the edge ... wonderful ...

    "Dude, when you play it's soo loud in my place, even when you turn down the speakers ... I can't stand it ... do something about it, or ..."

    Ok ?

    Aren't there all these proposals around, about impact insulating podests, and wall shieldings and so on? How good are they? Will they help me at all? What effect do I get for free? And if it's not sufficient for free, how much do I have to spend? What do I have to do? What will I do, if this "super-idea" simply doesn't work good enough for me? Do I have to abandon, what I really love?

    I myself spent about 200 Euros more, for impact noise insulation. It works, but not as good as I expected from the suppliers data. It still frustrates me.

    Noise insulation for edrums may not be a relevant topic for everybody. For those of us, who do not live alone in a building, it probably is an issue, sooner or later.

    Smart noise ...

    ... shouldn't it be possible, to quantify the effect of suggestions, to arrive at something like "a reliable Lego-like kit of high effective anti-noise measures, adaptable to my place"? Plug & Calm?

    Smart noise ...

    ... would create peace of minds.
    ... would change the way I can play, try and develop as a drummer.
    ... would change what my building-mates have to suffer from me.
    ... might trigger even more effective solutions, which are significantly no wishful thinking ; -)
    ... might threaten those, who make a living today from offering products or services for noise reduction.
    ... will create many resists and excuses.

    Absent Smart noise ...

    ... will make occasional quarrels a persistent reality in my home.
    ... will ask more time and money from me to sacrifice with uncertain results.
    ... may limit my journey as a drummer and let me stay on the amateur level longer, if not forever.

    Best, Michael
    td-30 user ;-)