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Recording Questions

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  • Recording Questions

    I have a TD-30 brain and am using a TD-20 kit for triggers. Tried recording a standard kit (#8) by running a cable from the MONO send of the brain into a PreSonus mix board with NO effects turned on, then out of the mix board via FireWire into a new iMac running Logic Pro X with NO effects for that track turned on.

    When I listened to the drummer playing the track, the sound was great. But when I played the track back, the whole kit sounded MONSTROUSLY compressed. The snare had all but been lost.
    So...shouldn't I hear in the recording what I hear coming out of the brain when its recording? Any suggestions?

    Another question is: what is the BEST way to record with this brain?

    Thanks in advance for any help/guidance on what next to try,


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    I'm thinking that is has to be settings on your DAW. I record from my mono output all the time and never have any issues.

    I don't use Logic Pro though. It was too complicated for me

    Here's a thought. Try sending it to thee Garage Band program that is probably already loaded on your Mac and see if it come up clean.


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      Welcome to the Forums! How about a nice intro in the Foyer with pics?

      This is the Lounge, a place for anything BUT tech help for V Drums. You will get many more and more helpful responses in the Tech section. Think of this as the BAR section, for drinkers. You need tech support!

      The EASIEST way to record is go out of your module into the recorder directly or thru a small mixer amp so you can monitor the kit as you record. The only reason you need MIDI is if you plan on changing the drum sounds later but leaving the actual song intact. I wouldn't use a mixer board Firewire out. It can be done but you have issues to get around like you do now.

      I record my TDW20 (and it's extremely inefficient and sloppy, but works...come out of the module into a Peavy mixer, out of the mixer via 1/4 outs and into a stereo sound card. Granted, ALL the drums are on ONE stereo track but I make sure everything is dialed in first before recording. Then I come out of the laptop into a small headphone amp so I can listen via headphones.

      if I was doing a more pro recording I'd get a sound car/interface that does like 8 channels at once or go MIDI to USB from the module into a good DAW. Then I could record multiple channels at once like a pro and mix each separately, but that requires a faster laptop and much more expensive sound interface and a better DAW with great drivers.

      Keep using the search engine to find more specifics.

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