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Why not show "location"?

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  • Why not show "location"?

    Newbie-to-forum question here – probably blunderingly obvious.
    Is it possible to show “location” in the member’s info box (left of the message area). And yup, I did put it in my user profile.
    Or, if not (suggestion) wouldn’t it be useful?
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    It used to be there...must have disappeared with the upgrade.
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      I'll look into it. They may have removed it altogether.
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      • mrfrench
        mrfrench commented
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        Thanks Alan - that'd be kinda cool.
        Other small detail. I notice the most recent posts don't always get shown on the main forum page, nor do they necessarily come up in "latest posts" (just a blank screen). And clicking on "Today's posts" more often than not gets the message : "This forum requires that you wait 15 seconds between searches. Please try again in X seconds." Huh..? Woz that all about ?
        Anyway, nothing vital. Just an observation. Something to keep you occupied, if you've got nothing better to do !
        PS. Great site ! You're the man.

      • Alan VEX
        Alan VEX commented
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        I have gripped at vB about that for about four months now. They kept telling me it wasn't true, until I forced one of their developers to admit it. The bug has been filed for re opening. Of course, it may be months until they actually bother to fix it. I have a trick I can perform from time to time to kick it a bit, but I can't spend everyday doing it. lol