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Turned my Sonor Safari kit into a Hybrid!

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  • Turned my Sonor Safari kit into a Hybrid!


    I turned my Sonor Safari kit into a hybrid! I've always wanted an acoustic drum set. However, due to the kids as well as sensitive neighbors, I've had to delve into electronic drums (love 'em). Anyways, I purchased the Safari kit to be a space saver, as my home is pretty small.

    I was originally using a TD-20X module. However, I wasn't able to remove that "80's-type sound". I purchased a TD-11 and have been thrilled.

    Video of me playing drums to The Hobbit (lol): bottom of page.

    Kit Details:

    Shells: Sonor Safari with 3-ply BillyBlast heads
    Ddrum Octos with 1-ply Remo SilentStroke heads
    Heads: Billy Blast 3-ply
    Module: Roland TD-11
    Hi-Hats: Roland VH-11
    Ride: Alesis Surge Ride with Choke
    Crash: SmartTrigger Dual Zone with Choke

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    Nice kit! Well done, now get playing lol!


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      +1...cool kit.
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        It's all about having fun, and it looks you have plenty! Good job!
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