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Sammy Davis Jr drumming

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  • Sammy Davis Jr drumming

    Just watched a video on you tube of Sammy Davis Jr. playing drums and vibes. It's amazing how much those guys smoked. My gosh, it was bellowing all over the stage. He was really good !! Check it out

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    You know, you could always link the specific videos you're talking about
    And yeah, people smoked like crazy back then, back in the days when smoking was cool for real and was somekind of statement.


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      What was that statement? Something about 'cool', cause I don't see it. Never understood that.


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        I think he meant that because smoking was glamorized on the big screen and athletes alike. It was made yo be perceived as " cool" We all have people close to us who passed because of smoking. Anyway, not being the surgeon general, the point is to check out a very talented guy, Sanmy Davis Jr who could sing and dance with the best of then, also does a great job playing drums and vibes on . Check it out on You Tube! And if you are smoking reading this, put it out?
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