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Cymbal mount question

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  • Cymbal mount question

    Hey guys, so I'm looking to add a few more cymbals to my td9v2. My question is, do I have to use Roland's somewhat expensive cymbal clamp mount and boom arm or are there other cheaper offerings? And if so, where is a good place to look?

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    The roland rack is compatible with all other (round tube) racks... Gibraltar hardware is a common replacement, but there are plenty of others. Check ebay for used parts.
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      You may want to look at a free standing cymbal stand. It allows for more adjustability. You can find them for around $30 - probably cheaper on eBay


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        Cymbal stands certainly give more freedom of movement and adjustability. However it depends on a few factors as to whether they are the best choice for you. Things to consider are... Do you have space where your kit is at present to have legs of cymbal stands? Will you be taking your kit to different locations regularly? You could replace your upright rack tubes with cymbal stands. This might add stability to your rack but do you have room for the cymbal stand legs? How many more cymbals do you want to add? You can buy really cheap stands, but but they might look cheap too. So cost might a factor here too. Esskaykay has the good idea of buying used on eBay or Craigslist in the US. So much to think about lol! Good luck!


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          Cymbal stands are easier to move around, but with my Roland rack there was no way I could position everything within easy reach, and not have the legs get in the way of something else with freestanding cymbal stands, but that's a personal preference thing. I'm short, so I have little arms! I found it hard to add enough arms to my Roland rack too.

          I suppose it depends on how many cymbals you want to add. I still want a few more and the easiest option for me was to buy a new rack which I can add more cymbals too, but I wanted a new rack anyway.
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