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I've been quiet... there's a reason...

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  • I've been quiet... there's a reason...

    So, I've been a little quiet lately.

    Two weeks ago, I received the unfortunate news I am in stage 5 kidney failure. It's been a very rough two weeks for me and my family, and my head's been in a lot of bad places. (not THAT bad)

    I will be getting dialysis setup sometime in the new few weeks, in hopes of working my way into the transplant category.

    I had to close my photography business, due to the unforeseen coming months. However, I will continue to answer VEX emails and support. I just won't be working on kits in the immediate future.

    With God's will, I will get this turned around and feel better soon, and get back on the kit. I had hoped to release a couple of more packs this year, but that is on hold for now. If things go well, I plan to come back with a vengeance.

    Anyway, I thought I should let everyone know what's going on.

    That is all.
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    Get well soon Alan. You're in all of our thoughts.
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      Sorry to hear that, Alan. Look after yourself and hopefully get better soon!
      Greetings from Switzerland,
      - Dänoh

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        Wow very sorry to read this. Take care of yourself! Get well soon.
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          Indeed, get well soon.


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            This sucks man. I know you know who to turn to for this...He is trust worthy and reliable. I will keep you in my prayers for mental, physical and spiritual healing of this matter. Never lose Hope.
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              Sorry to hear this, Alan. I know you're a fighter and you have faith. You also have the prayers of this community. All that will get you through this.
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                My heart and support go out to you and yours. Hopefully they can fix this with a transplant. I donated a kidney to one of my brothers back in 1993 and he is still healthy as a horse. Stay tough!!!

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                  Wow. No words. Hang in there. Get better.
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                    Wow, that is really tough news! Really sorry to hear about your trials/battle Alan. You're in His hands my friend, and we will definitely lift you up in prayer. J
                    I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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                      Oh my god, Alan, that's really sad news! I hope you fight this thing and get well soon! And if you feel like you need to vent some air you can always shoot me a message or e-mail if you want to, I have alot of experience in dealing with stuff like this.
                      Keep fighting and get well VERY soon!
                      +1 For Alan!


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                        A co-worker's 1 year old son had cancer. Chemo treatments were successful, but the kidneys were compromised. 4 months after a transplant and the little guy is coming along just fine. Lots of advances in medical care means you have reason to believe better times are ahead.

                        I have an organ donor consent on my driver's license (and donate blood on a regular interval). Anyone reading this should consider the gift of life and make their intentions known.
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                          Hard times ahead, but if you treat this with the same determination you show us when taking care of us here at vdrums, then I'm sure you will overcome this and have many beautiful years with your loved ones... and us!

                          You've been here for us always, so, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask, we'll be here for you as well.
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                            Thank you everyone. I mainly wanted to post in case I get delayed at time responding. As you guessed, I will be fighting till my last breath. I have a wife, son, and parents to think about here. Everyone tells me to do it for myself. I've never been that selfish. I do this for all of them. I'd hate to think what I would do if Medicare didn't help with this. I had always promised I'd ride off into the sunset before I'd task any relatives with my debt. Thanks again for the kind words, wishes and prayers.
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                              Best wishes and prayers to you and your family from me and mine. Please keep the faith.