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Flam troubles

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  • Flam troubles

    Hi all, I have a td11kv which I've upgraded to include a vh11hi hat and a pdx 100 snare. I'm also running the vex kits. I'm having some problems trying to get my flams to sound right. Sometimes when I strike the pad with the sticks the sound just deadens completely. I'm not convinced it's happening when both sticks hit at exactly the same time as I try to emulate that by dropping the sticks from the same height to hit together and it doesn't seem to cause problems. So I'm not sure under what conditions it's happening, but it is. I hoped my snare upgrade would have helped but apparently not. Does anyone else have this problem, if so have you found a way around it. I don't know if it was the same with the original kits as I didn't use flams so much then or if it's something that has come with the vex kits. Please try and keep answers as non technical as possible as I am a complete novice when it comes to changing the settings on the module. Thanks, Dusty.

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    Try reducing RetrigCancel to 1 and Mask Time to 0 for the snare input at MENU, PAD SETTINGS, ADVNCD.

    * Although setting this to a high value prevents re-triggering, it then becomes easy for sounds to be omitted when the drums played fast (roll etc.). Set this to the lowest value possible while still ensuring that there is no re-triggering. (Page 43)

    * When set to a high value, it will be difficult to play very quickly. Set this to as low a value as you can. (Page 44)



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      Thanks, Bruce I'll give that a go. Do I need to do this to all pads or just the snare?


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        Probably just the snare, but wherever flams are silenced.