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Shipping drums

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  • Shipping drums

    I'm wondering for those of you out there that do a bunch of shipping on ebay - what shipping carrier do you use?
    How do you keep the cost down? What is the best way to do it?
    I'm not going into biz but have a bunch of equipment that I will need to ship and want to keep the cost down.
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    Since you're not getting a lot of hits here, I'd try direct messaging those members frequently in the sellers area like JMan etc.

    K ;-)
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      Shipping is just expensive to do, especially with heavy and large things like drums. I try to sell my stuff locally and offer to meet half way if there is any bit of distance between myself and the buyer. Usually nothing over an hour through.
      I think my work is done here.


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        I usually use UPS. Just pack your gear with LOTS of bubble wrap and tape....and I mean LOTS...so it does not move around in the box. I even use the plastic packing wrap (like saran wrap) to secure the gear before sealing the box. Then I tape every seam along with extra tape around the center points of all sides. Make it bomb proof...and you should have no problem with it arriving in good condition. Make sure it's insured though...because no matter what carrier you use...you just never know how it's going to be treated.
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          We only use Fedex currently. Over the years it just seems like they handle larger boxes better then UPS in my experience. With that said Daniel's suggestion to pack everything with LOTS of padding is a good recommendation for any carrier you use.