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RMC Audio Never Again

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  • RMC Audio Never Again

    Remind me never to buy from RMC Audio ever again! Bought a new PCY-155 to use with my TD-4 module, thinking it would be at least compatible as a crash... After a day of testing, tweaking settings, etc I just couldn't get it to function properly. No problem, I'll just send it back. Set up an RMA and returned it promptly to RMC. They tested the cymbal on their end and determined it wasn't defective, it was just likely not compatible with the TD-4. Don't really know why since there's countless Roland users who use Yamaha cymbals without issues (but that's not the point). Nowhere in the return authorization did it say there was a restocking fee for returned items shipped back in "new" condition, only items that have been abused - needless to say the cymbal I returned was in new condition. Despite my pleas they were adamant about charging me a 10% restocking fee, for no apparent reason. Actually there was a reason - the representative said the RMA was processed as a possible "defective item" so it couldn't just be returned. So I lost $11 to ship it back and another $13.50 to "restock" the thing. Never, never, never again. I truly despise Guitar Center but situations like this makes me question why I don't shop there more often.

    Sorry for the rant... just had to get it off my chest.

    Oh and here's the RMA instructions... #6 is what I'm referencing.

    To proceed with your Return please follow these instructions. 1. Please package the item up as you received it with all manuals, packing, warranty cards etc...If the item or packaging is dirty, shows signs of use, or is covered in pet hair, additional restocking fees will apply or the item may be returned to you at your expense. 2. Double box the item and write the RA# on the outer box. 3. (Do not write on the product box) 4. Ship via UPS or FedEx and don't forget to insure the item. We have found that Fedex is better and cheaper for the larger packages. Ship to: RMC Audio Direct 1035 Summerwood Rd. Knoxville TN 37923 5. ( Send us the tracking # ) Note: Please do not use the US Postal Service. Our mail comes to a box and packages cannot be delivered by mail. 6. If the returning item is not in new condition or anything is missing, there may be additional restocking charges. 7. RA's must be in our hands within 10 days date of issue. Items arriving after 10 days will be refused and the item may not be returned. 8. If this is an exchange all returned items must be returned and inpected before any credit is issued towards another item. 9. Product cannot be held solely for a return. For example if you are returning one speaker for another and we sell out of the speaker you are exchanging for you must wait on the next shipment of speakers. 10. Credits can take up to 7-10 days to show up on your account. Sorry the product did not work out for you. Best Regards, The www.rmcaudiodirect.com team.
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    I'm not a true legal expert but the way I read #6 is "additional" restocking charges...meaning, there already is a restocking charge, and if the item isn't new or is abused, they will charge yet an "additional" one. I would go to their website and see if there's an FAQ on SHIPPING and specifically, RETURNS. I agree, I wouldn't want to pay a restocking fee if I was returning an item I just didn't want after getting it, and returning it within their time frame.

    K ;-)
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      I beg to differ. RMC has been absolutely awesome with every one of my purchases. Their prices are so damn good, and margins are probably so tight as a result, that they do have to be careful about losing money on each transaction. They are not the big guys, more of a "mom and pop" operation and are doing their best for their customers but have to run a business. I'm sure there are plenty of buyers who abuse the goodwill and use a product, simply don't want to keep it for no legitimate reason, devalue the product in the process, and expect RMC to pick up the difference. While to an extent, that's part of the seller's risk, as long as they have sound policies and post them, we the buyers have to live up to our end of the bargain in the process of getting such good pricing and customer service. Try to look at their side.
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        I whole heartily agree with JP. I have bought gear from RMC and I am always astounded as to how great their prices are!! ....and their service level has been impeccable. I too have had restocking fees & other fees hit me with returns from other online retailers, but if you have a strong case why you returned something, and you have shopped there before and keep a cool head while you explain your side, chances are they'll waive the fee. I've been lucky enough to get free shipping back, too. Your best angle may just be to ask for a store credit rather than a return. The retailer knows we have 100's of choices of where to buy online --- so they all try hard to keep customers returning for more. If it's not too late, give it a shot again, and good luck!!
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          Everybody's situation is different . I am sorry to hear your situation. I bought quite a few things from Erik from R M C Audio but I never had to return anything! Were you talking to him or M--k because Erik is the man. Good luck, he is a reasonable guy, chill it down a couple of clicks and call him back


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            Pretty much every online store has restocking fee.
            That's how they can keep lower prices online, vs physical store, which will charge you more but offer more service.

            I don't see anything done badly by RMC in this case.
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              When I bought from them I read the return policy first, it was perfectly clear there was a restocking fee, and I returned the item, and paid it, exactly as expected.

              When they sold it, they sold it at slightly less than new price, so the restocking fee pretty much evened out for them. If you go through their pages you will see those items for sale. With their rock-bottom markups they can't afford not to charge a restocking fee.

              I'm afraid I have to agree with the rest of the posters, bad mouthing a company on a worldwide forum over $25 because you didn't read the return policy isn't very cool.
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                Haha, you guys are too funny. I never said the front-end part of the sale was bad. My purchase was processed and shipped in a reasonable amount of time at a good price - in fact the best price I could find on the net (at the time). However, to charge me a restocking fee for an item which they couldn't even conclusively tell me was or was not compatible with my brain, I find unacceptable. I did weeks of research and found nothing but A-OK reviews of Yamaha cymbals with Roland brains - as long as it was used as a 2-zone cymbal (or modded 3-zone). In fact, the Rep at RMC said they've sold many Yamaha cymbals to Roland users and even went as far as doing his own search on the net about the issue at hand. So what gives?

                And NO, not "every" online retailer automatically charges a restocking fee - this is entirely untrue. On the contrary, it's unusual to find one that actually enforces their discretionary restocking policies on returned items. It's funny what people will put up with from retailers. In my experience, most retailers encourage test driving musical instruments - it's a instrument... to be tested and played. This includes the mom and pop shop down the street from me AND the major retailers in my area. It's part of the business of how you get and keep customers. But for some reason electronic percussion (in rare cases) seems to be bulked in the "consumer electronics" category of merchandise. Like attempting to return an opened copy of Windows 7. This is utter nonsense and really leaves a foul taste in my mouth.
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                  I just made my first purchase from RMC. When I placed the order the form asks whether you have read the T&C. On a whim I clicked and sure enough, there is a restock fee under the return policy. OK fine, place the order. I got a same day turn on the quote and one day shipping for essentially free. I did have to pay sales tax, which is unusual, I think, RMC is not in TN are they?


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                    RMC audio is in TN
                    Address:1035 Summer Wood Rd, Knoxville, TN 37923
                    Pearl Mimic Pro, eDRUMin 10, ATV aDrums, DIY Conversion kit, Roland Handsonic HPD-20, EFNOTE 5 Module (for hi hats), SD3, Porter & Davies Throne


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                      Originally posted by jpsquared482
                      RMC audio is in TN Address:1035 Summer Wood Rd, Knoxville, TN 37923
                      Ha. No wonder the shipping was so quick. They're 5 miles away from my house. Who'd a thunk?


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                        Sorry you are not happy with your experience. I remember this transaction well because I spent some time with you on the phone and did a fair amount of research and testing for you myself.

                        This is what happened. Drummereef bought the PCY155 online even though he was not sure it would work. When it didn’t give an edge sound like a Roland might he called me and I told him I wasn’t sure it was 100% compatible with the TD-4 but wasn’t sure as I could not find anything online either way. Luckily we had/have a TD-4 open box and DTX500 used so we could test it both ways and tell him 100% either way after some testing. So I told him on the phone to send back the PCY155 and if it was a defective cymbal I’d eat the freight and send him another one at no extra charge. If it was not compatible he could exchange for a Roland that would work and get full credit. Once we got the PCY155 back and tested it with both the TD-4 and the DTX500 it was determined that the PCY155 was functioning properly. With the DTX500 module it works great. With the TD-4 though all you get is a bow crash sound. The bell is hit and miss and the edge is as well and you just get the same crash sound as the bow. The dynamics are not very good either in comparison to the DTX500. After testing I talked to drummereef again on the phone and we discussed this and I gave him the option of exchanging and getting full credit towards a Roland that would work. This wasn’t an option for him though which is fine so we proceeded to treat it as a normal return with no exchanges and the restocking fee would apply. No complaints were voiced to me at this time. We sold the open box PCY155 the same day at a discount to another customer who was stoked to get it. Just wanted to get the full story out there. With that said.

                        If you would like to still get a Roland that will work with your module feel free to contact me and I’ll even knock off the restocking fee you paid as well as the shipping. If it’s just not going to happen then again sorry it didn’t work out and happy edrumming.
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                          Sounds like a fair deal to me.
                          I have never had a issue with RMC.

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                        I have never had any issues with them ever and I have bought everything from them for years even had several returns with no issues, They are very stand up guys offering the lowest price on Roland and other products you will find on the internet or anywhere at the matter.
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                          i, dealt with Erik before and had no problem with RMC. Best price and great service.


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                            Now that's what I call personal customer service...doesn't get any better than that. Well done!
                            K ;-)
                            My bands: Alter Ego, Arcanum
                            E Kit = Roland TDW-20s kit // Roland SPD-S// Pearl Demon Drives//
                            A Kit = Tama Swingstar 5 pc (1981) w/roto toms (orig owner!) //Zildjians
                            A Kit = Natal 6 pc with Paiste 2000 & Zildjian/MidiKNights/DrumSplitters