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Need photos for new upcoming picture catalog for Pintech

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  • Need photos for new upcoming picture catalog for Pintech

    Well, to be honest, I don't know if this is allowed here or not... I looked around at the rules, and I think it is OK - If not, please let me know in a PM.

    OK, so Pintech is putting together a catalog of people's kits, accessories, etc - We will be putting together a full printed catalog that our dealers will be getting to show potential customers all of the cool things you can do with Pintech gear.

    I know that this forum has supported Pintech for a very long time, and I am looking for new AND old stuff. Our main focus is to show people how cool electronic drumming can be, and help open customer's eyes on the world of e-drumming.

    Because this will be going to dealers, we will only want to focus on our brand of gear. By sending these photos to us, you will also be releasing all rights to the photos, and giving us permission to use them. We will be picking through them, but also adding your first name, last name, and city/state. So it will say something like "Bob Saget - New York, NY" --- Make sure to include that info when you end in your picture.

    You can send a picture of one single item, a full kit, a custom job with our triggers inside of it, etc etc - add as much info as you can about what you have, your thoughts on it, etc - We may be adding some quotes in the catalog as well as the photos. Some of these pictures may end up on our website, facebook, and other marketing ideas as well.

    Once this brochure/catalog is finished, we will upload it to our website, and allow everyone to download it as well.

    You can send the photos to: [email protected]

    Thanks again for your continued support, and I hope all of pictures are approved and are included!

    Ryan @ Pintech