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Love the drummers, hate the music...Does it happen to anyone else?

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  • Love the drummers, hate the music...Does it happen to anyone else?

    Hey everyone
    So I have always loved heavy metal and hard rock. A few years ago I discovered progressive rock/metal and was amazed by the level of technique drummers had to have. But the thing is, although I mainly listen to heavy music ( Masterplan, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, W.A.S.P, Vanden Plas etc ) I go crazy when I listen to drummers like John Blackwell, Larnell Lewis, Jerohn Garnett or other groove monsters. But I hate the songs! I cannot stand the guitars and saxofones and keyboards! The melodies make no sense to me and sound so wimpy! :-/
    So baiscly I can only admire my favorite drummers on drum solos, or youtube lessons :-/ Kind of werid huh?

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    Actually very weird to me, lol. I get what you're saying, I dislike music while loving the drummer. But not to the point I can't listen to a great drummer. I like all music, other than country which is not music, so I have no problem listening to a drummer play something outside my grove. Even some country, I just have to gargle with saltwater after admiring any country stuff, lol.
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      What are these "saxofones" of which you speak?

      Seriously though, it sounds like you enjoy the complexity of the drum parts but dislike complexity in the other instruments. That's curious. Maybe you're just in awe of the drummer's technical skill and it has nothing to do with anything else. I imagine you might cure this if you begin to learn another instrument.


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        Trust me, it is the other way around! ....I love the music, but I hate drummers....

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          Most of there time I just love the music..including the drummers...but hate the vocals. I can listen to all genres of music...some I prefer much more than others depending on my mood...so overall....what I like or dislike is solely depending on my mood at the moment.
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            I'm with you Daniel. I'd enjoy a lot of songs even more if they were purely instrumental or the lyrics at least did justice to the music being played.

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          Listen to this track guys, love the drummer, hate the song :-)
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            If there is anything that is likely to turn me off music it is more likely to be the vocals than any of the instruments. Some of the drummers I love are not in music I'd like to listen to regularly though, so I sort of agree with you. I don't particularly love Rush but Neil Peart is amazing. I don't mind some jazz on a lazy Sunday afternoon but it wouldn't normally be what I'd listen to and big band music just doesn't interest me, but I can watch videos of Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa over and over without getting bored. I can appreciate the drummer even if I don't really like the music in general. I think that if someone is truly brilliant they're worth watching regardless of what they're playing (or singing).

            My favourite drummer of all time has to be Animal, but there's only so much I can watch or listen to The Muppets.
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