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Sending Drums Within Australia

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  • Sending Drums Within Australia

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I'm wondering what the best option is to send drums from state to state in Australia?

    Are their any Australians here who can tell me what they've found to be the most economical and safe option? I have some Roland pads for sale on Gum Tree at the moment and all the enquiries I'm getting are from over east and I'm in WA.

    I got prices through Australia Post and they're ridiculous. I could probably use work's TNT account, but I'm open to all options!
    Roland TD-15KV module and cymbals, Gen 16 AE rack, Gen 16 AE cymbals, Diamond Electronic Drums, Tama HP300 single pedal, Lectric Moo, Carmichael throne