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My first single for sale in iTunes store

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  • My first single for sale in iTunes store

    Just wanted to share that my first single is for sale in the iTunes store!!!
    It’s actually sort of a dance track…

    I hope you will consider buying it but at least please support me and share it on your network…




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    Cool! Good luck to you!
    DTX700, eDRUMin 4+10, A2E Dixon kit, Yamaha cymbals, FSR HH
    Kit Pix http://vdrums.com/forum/album.php?albumid=613

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      Thanks Perceval :-) It would be great if anyone who likes it, could share my link on his network
      Cheers Hans


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        So what did you play on it or did you just compose/arrange it?
        K ;-)
        My bands: Alter Ego, Arcanum
        E Kit = Roland TDW-20s kit // Roland SPD-S// Pearl Demon Drives//
        A Kit = Tama Swingstar 5 pc (1981) w/roto toms (orig owner!) //Zildjians
        A Kit = Natal 6 pc with Paiste 2000 & Zildjian/MidiKNights/DrumSplitters


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          Hey Kenster
          With the exception of a shaker rhythm that I used from my Logic Pro library, I actually played everything else :-)
          There are 12 layers of Omnisphere synth sounds in there, a Pianoteq piano part and some rhythm parts and I sung the lyrics, but copied it to some pitched up and down versions..
          It ended up to be pretty synthetic :-)
          Hope you like it??



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            And oh ya, forgot to mention ... there is of course some drum in there - I use a Pearl kit with mesh heads and a TD 20 connected, but as far as sound goes, it is not really very recognisable as 'normal drums' any more since I wanted it to be dance/techno/trance like so it's filtered, quantized and all, and only some short loop ended up in the final track..