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Getting a td-9kx

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  • Getting a td-9kx

    Well as some of u may have read. I stopped drumming for ten yrs but have gotten the bug again at 30 and cuz I'm Ina condo. E drums are important. I was planning on getting a td15kv but I found a used td9 kx (which is a 9 w/ a 105 snare, and all 85 toms). It was for a church that closed 9 days after they bought the set. So it's basically new. I plan on upgrading the hats to the vh11 with a real stand. And get rid of the pd8 (sp?) bass drum. So questions what bugs should I look for with vdrums. I heard the rd 8 hit hat pedal is temperamental but it can be tightened. Should I get a vdrum mat I've got a rug? What type of v expressions are the best? Sorry for all the questions just excited. And if u have any other tips please add. I hope to become a regular here. Thanks again Charms

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    As long as you are downstairs may be good as as.
    Upstairs you may need to add some sound absorbtion under the pedals,
    imagine tapping on the floor with a rubber mallet and that is about what you are dealing with.
    Lots of stuff around here about that.
    Start with the noise isolation riser thread, Roland has some new products out for this too.
    Mini-kit: TD-9 + Alesis Control Pad + Alesis Sample Pad + PDX-6 snare
    Micro-kit: Handsonic HPD-20 + an old pair of hands.
    Speakers: QSC-K10 "thumper", DBR-10 "little thumper"