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replacement heads

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  • replacement heads

    Has anyone ever used a regular snare head on a pdx-8, as a replacement head. I had a drum tech tell me it is fine to use acoustic heads? Any advice would be great have a show on Friday and no one around here has mesh heads in stock. Thanks

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    Provided an acoustic head will fit properly on the PDX-8. I'm not saying it wouldn't work but I wouldn't expect it to perform as it does with a mesh head. You'll likely have to adjust the trigger settings and/or type to compensate. Not to mention the obvious noise difference between the acoustic head and the mesh.
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      Ummm...welcome to the Forums? Not sure a standard head will work without massive adjustments and even then I'm not sure about the triggering response. I suspect NOT good.
      Here's some other options:

      1. Overnight or 2 day order online a new mesh head

      2. Get a replacement drum altogether like a rubber pad just for the gig.

      3. use an acoustic snare and mic it just for the gig

      As a heads up, this is the LOUNGE area, you'll get way more responses if you post something like this in the Technical or Suggestions threads. Why not post a nice intro with pics of your rig in the FOYER section? Good luck and have fun.

      K ;-)

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