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  • Aerodrums

    Here's an interesting new item: Aero Drums. Check out aerodrums.com

    I have not used this or am in any way affiliated with it so I can't give an informed opinion. It appears to be worth looking into, especially the scoring application (for me, anyway).

    It should also be noted that the developers of Aero Drums asked me to post an announcement here for them. They could not create new user accounts and post here at vdrums themselves due to the numerous problems we've been having with vB. Have I mentioned how disgusted I am with vB these days?

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    That looks fine! Now, if I could trigger my VSTi of choice with it...
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      Fascinating. I wonder what lighting levels it needs; i.e., would it work reliably on stage?



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        Pretty cool!
        I think this was designed for "practicing" home solely ...
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          This is taking "air-drumming" to a whole new level!

          I won't be able to trick my friends that I can play like Neil Peart on every song!
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            Bruce, it appears to use retro-reflective materials so I imagine it could work fine on stage just as long as there aren't any shiny things nearby. It could make for a most interesting solo. One trick would be the player's visual monitor (so s/he knows where to "hit" in space, just a normal computer monitor in the video). If you could route the visuals to some manner of projection glasses, it wouldn't be cumbersome. Truly "virtual" drumming.

            Although there is an obvious appeal as far as silent practicing is concerned, I'm not too keen on that idea as there's no rebound. That would be a weird way to learn the drum kit.


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              Originally posted by seasack View Post
              That looks fine! Now, if I could trigger my VSTi of choice with it...
              This may not be out of the question at some stage, according to the discussions I have had with the developers.
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                The developers have been reading this thread but can't create an account here (yet) so I'm going to relay a message that I just received from them (slightly edited).

                The lack of drum/cymbal rebound and tactile feedback in air-drumming is
                definitely concern #1 for drummers. We have just made a video to
                alleviate this concern by showing that there is feedback when using a
                correct hand technique (which is very near to what one may do on a
                physical drum kit, if not identical for some drummers).

                Here is a link to the video:

                We have started work on outputting MIDI to trigger VST instruments and
                other midi devices (using Toontrack's software and the loopMidi "virtual
                midi cable" for testing). The boxes have already shipped so this feature
                won't be on the DVD, but we will release it as a software update soon
                after launch. Sorry I cannot give a date, it's our first NAMM and things
                are a bit crazy right now. Interestingly, when running Aerodrums and
                your VSTi on the same computer, you bypass the need for MIDI hardware,
                including the MIDI to USB bottleneck present in typical edrums setups,
                so the latency linked to that is not there.

                There are a few more unknowns about porting to Macs, so the Mac version
                of Aerodrums will come after VSTi support.

                About triggera's remark. It is true that one of our main motivations
                behind Aerodrums was to enable drummers who have small apartments or
                sensitive neighbours to drum again. But equally we are making it so that
                you don't have to lug your drum kit around or own a big garage to
                rehearse with others. You can just bring your kit in your backpack with your laptop.

                Jim, you already replied correctly to Bruce's question about using
                Aerodrums on stage. It would put some pressure on the light engineer,
                but I don't think they would find it impractical (we haven't tested it
                on stage yet). I like your idea of using Aerodrums with projection
                glasses. This would definitely work: the camera and lamp could be taped
                to a mic stand that would be inconspicuous, and the computer hidden from
                view. At the same time, while drummers will need to look at the monitor
                when they start using Aerodrums, with time they will find that this is
                definitely not necessary. For simple kits, it's a matter of minutes.

                The notation editor was released last Friday, here's a link if you
                have a PC and want to try it:

                A Mac version is in the works.

                I have downloaded the editor but haven't tried it yet. We're back to the college this week so I'm not sure when I'll get to it.
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                • perceval
                  perceval commented
                  Editing a comment
                  If you try to click on the links, they bring you to an online access of OutLook.

                  Just copy the links and paste in your browser to get to the real links.

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                Wow, anything is possible, eh. I'm sure there are applications where this can be used for great benefit.

                Though not the same, but reminds me a little of Mick Fleetwood's body drumming

                about the 2 minute mark...


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                  Wow! Who needs a drumkit? This seems pretty amazing, fantastically convenient, very inexpensive, and soon to be quashed/ bought out by Roland or Yamaha.
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                    Ha! This would be perfect for my anoying neighbour!


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                      Would the drumsticks work properly on a mesh pad or practice pad? I would think having just a small snare to work with would not be difficult.
                      Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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                        As long as the line of sight between the camera and the sticks is not broken by the snare, there's no reason it shouldn't work. So the snare should be very flat, and not facing the drummer.
                        DTX700, eDRUMin 4+10, A2E Dixon kit, Yamaha cymbals, FSR HH
                        Kit Pix http://vdrums.com/forum/album.php?albumid=613

                        My new venture, HiEnd Speakers. : voglosounds.com