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Yamaha has bought-up Line 6

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  • Yamaha has bought-up Line 6

    [Posted this elswhere, but I buried my own post...]



    This leaves room for some speculation. Both brands are said to be continued to b
    e operated separately.
    Though yours truly will eat his hat, if there are not some technological synergies in the proces...
    1. Modulation- and Delay-effects from the POD inside the next DTX module?
    2. The user-interface of the 01V-series digital mixers updated with the ease-of-use of the Stagescape M20 (...including its' touchscreen) ?
    3. The electric/acoustic/banjo-ic guitar-modelling of the Variaxes incorporated into Yamahas' Silent Guitar, or entry-level Pacificas?
    4. Line-6 audio-interfaces built into Yamaha keyboard/whatnot products?
    5. Yamaha gear to be expandable via future 'Model Packs'?

    Or the other way 'round:
    1. 01V-style motorized faders on Line 6 effect-pedals?
    2. Motif synth sounds, or DTX drum sounds inside the POD-family?
    3. Tyros-5 -style rhythm patterns inside their Variax guitars? (...oompah oompah oompah...)

    ...Creative juices are flowing...!

    "My best friends' name is J-SON. They used to call him 'Mr. Parse.' He has an 'Error'..!"


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    Or spruce up the speaker offerings from Yamaha with Line6 new smart PAs.
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      I know Line 6 has a good rep but I had a Pod a couple years ago and I really wasn't that impressed with it in terms of its ergonomics. I sold it.