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td12 module set up

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  • td12 module set up

    Hi. I have the td12 module. I managed to update the firmware to V1.11 today. My question is that I seem to recall that it is possible to load td20 kits onto the td 12 module. Or did I dream that? I thought that I read something about how to do that about a year ago. Its about a year ago since I last tinkered with my set up. Hence I have forgotten the little knowledge that I have

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    Don't know 'bout loading in TD-20 kits, but you can certainly load some VEX-packs into your TD-12!

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      Originally posted by hairmetal-81 View Post
      Don't know 'bout loading in TD-20 kits, but you can certainly load some VEX-packs into your TD-12!
      hi and thanks for that. Actually on looking back through the thread posts i can see that the td20 factory kits can be transferred onto the td12 module so if anone wishes to do that and needs help locating the file let me know


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        my name is MUNOZ Joe. I wanted updating my TD 12 to the latest Version 1.11. I bought a USB to Midi cable. I followed the steps that were given in the update guide. I stuck at "please send SMF data files". I pulled and plugged the USB-MIDI cable in every possible position but the module doesn't receive the SMF data files. Please I need some help because I erased all the kits on the module for getting the new version. What can I do now? I ordered the USB to MIDI cable from ROLAND an also a Midi Interface with MIDI cable (brand EMU 1x1).

        I'll be thankfull for any response

        With best regards


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          Sinbad...If you have not yet tried it, I recommend you check out VDrumLib.

          I learned that the TD-12 and TD-20 share the same capabilities but that Roland limited the in-module editing on the TD-12. Using VDrumLib you can access things like snare buzz, mic position and beater types that you normally cannot change from the TD-12 front panel.

          I used VDrumLib to copy my favorite kits from my TD-20 backups to my TD-12 module.

          ...but what I use VDrumLib for the most is to quickly copy kits around the module to re-order them to my fickle preference. It's far easier to change the names of kits from VDrumLib than it is to use the jog-shuttle on the module.
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